5 Web Punctuation Tips and the Oxford Comma Wars.

Here are some quick punctuation tips from the content factory for writing for the internet. You can see the content factory for five more if you want. These ones are my favorites.

  1. Semicolons: Don’t do it.
    They don’t really mean anything, theoretically they can be used between two related independent clauses. But why not use a period then? They are confusing for you and the reader. Just don’t do it.
  2. “Keep punctuation within quotation marks.” 
  3. However keep punctuation outside of parenthesis (like this).
    Don’t over use them though.
  4. Hyperlinks are just polite at this point.
    Use hyperlinks instead of just dropping a link in your text. This looks better than this https://webpublishingtips.wordpress.com.
  5. Commas are like opinions, everybody has one.
    There is a debate on the Oxford Comma and whether it should be used. I am a supporter of the comma and disagree with content factory. For why I am right see this buzzfeed article.

Don’t break these rules and your writing won’t be the worst, like people who don’t use the Oxford Comma.




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